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You dot org you can also go to my facebook site at michio kaku we have three million fans on facebook or twitter we have about six hundred thousand fans on twitter and if you go to my website you can see the four new york times bestsellers that i've written one of them is physics of the impossible talking about what might happen perhaps in the next five hundred years into the future when we might have reagan's and star ships and things like that also my latest bestseller the future of humanity talking about the space program and we'd take to one day colonize the galaxy so we're gonna be talking about interstellar flight immortality aliens from outer space and all that stuff in my latest book also a new york times bestseller the future of humanity but in this hour we're going to focus on one of the hottest topics hitting the press and that is artificial intelligence where our way beyond the point where we simply have toys that simply move like a human being no we're talking about the job market we're talking about the nature of arna society what happens when robots enter our living room what about society itself and we have a debate a debate between two billionaires we have on one hand mark zuckerberg of facebook who says that artificial intelligence will give us a bounty of prosperity new jobs new industries new opportunities with artificial intelligence and then we have another billionaire elon musk who says well not so fast you see because one day the robots may turn on us and

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