Michael Avenatti: Trump's lawyer recorded conversations with clients


And this is wnyc in new york i'm jamie floyd a small plane has crashed in a wooded area in central long island suffolk county police say the aircraft crashed in millville shortly before two o'clock this afternoon a photo from the scene shows that thick black smoke and raging orange flames authorities say it appears there was at least one person on the plane and that person's condition is unknown we will bring you more details as they become available the attorney for stormy daniels is claiming there are revealing audiotapes about her among the millions of items seized from trump attorney michael cohen last month wnyc's andrea bernstein has more in court michael lebanonese said he'd been called by a member of the press who asked about an audiotape between his clients former attorney and michael cohen avenue agents say what was on the tape but accused cones lawyers of leaking and hinted there might have been some untoward collusion between daniels former lawyer cohen when they negotiated the hundred and thirty thousand dollar how should agreement about president trump but coen's lawyers said no way the audiotapes if any are kept under lock and key meantime judge kimba woods patients with avenue was wearing thin she told him he had to choose between his quote publicity tour and having status in her courtroom and new york's newly confirmed attorney general hells her first public event earlier today when she met with members of the media acting ag barbara underwood says the offices marching full steam ahead under her leadership following the resignation of former attorney general eric schneiderman earlier this month in the immediate aftermath of hearing the news everyone was stunned but we very quickly started looking forward schneiderman stepped down on may eighth hours after news broke that he allegedly abused multiple women underwood says she will serve out the remainder of the current term and she says she does not plan to run for election to the post in the fall this afternoon still sunny tonight a twenty percent chance of showers currently seventy seven degrees in central park at four zero six support for npr comes from wells fargo established eighteen fifty two and reestablish two thousand eighteen with a recommitment to customers working off.

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