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There's so much going on. It's hard to process and you almost don't. I don't know any other way to explain it like you kind of acknowledge like, yeah, that happened a well. You know, because if you think about it and you go on another mission, if that's what your headset that complacency or that fear is where people make mistakes fighting has to be somewhere in your nature. If you want to be a part of the warrior class, but notions about having the killer instinct, probably overstated because killing isn't always what circumstances require for a warrior. The will to fight, however, is more than a mere prerequisite for Carolina be fighting was a way of life from early on overcoming adversity was part of her day to day routine nearly from the moment of her birth. But when you come up fighting, you can get the impression that toughness and hard worker enough that being a superior soldier is all that's required of a member of. The American military. I don't try to downplay anyone that's actually experienced that, but I feel like it's a very similar like mine frame with feeling violated and you're gonna give me a fucking rape whistle lake really. I'm in Iraq right now. What's that gonna? Do. What is true bravery? What makes a hero a hero. Tested by the worries of what's happening at home, thousands of miles away and the reality of what you're facing here. And now when your life is in danger every second and it's either kill or be killed from wondering and incongruity media. This is Anthony Russo and this. Is war. His your home ADT home ADT is the first security company to help keep you safe at home. And when you're on the go with the new ADT, go app, get ADT and help protect against break-ins fire and carbon monoxide right now for a limited time, get AT's lowest rate starting at just twenty eight ninety nine a month from the most trusted name in home security. That's just a dollar a day. ADT. Go features include a family, locator private messaging, automatic check ins and safe driving reports. It even includes SOS button with twenty four, seven emergency response, and you get eighty to go with the purchase of any security system. Go to ADT dot com slash podcast to take advantage of ADT's lowest rate requires thirty six month monitoring contract, early termination, installation fees, apply certain markets, excluded. Licenses available at ADT dot com. That's ADT dot com. Slash podcast ADT tested trusted, proven. Sometimes the call to service isn't a person's blood, something they feel they have to do from a very young age. But just as often the call to serve grows out of a desire for greater fulfillment, knowing that there is something better out there, a place where you constantly contest yourself and be tested where success is its own reward. And if you have the will, the strength and the intellect, you can go wherever you want. Carolina had lost both of her parents. By the time she was eight and was a drift living with her at an ankle and getting into trouble even as an adult. Eventually she was sent to the Indiana soldiers and sailors home where after a year she truly found her calling within about a year year and a half or so kind of turned around, and I started taking what they were giving me try like trying to use it as a positive. So like I make good grades after making bad grades, and I got really involved in just all the extracurriculars. I was in jarrow TC. I worked in vocational school at the radio station. I wrote for the school newspaper. I was on the rifle team in ROTC student council one year, I think. I mean, it's hard to remember lot, but it was a positive. It's kind of what pushed me. I think there at the end to join the military participation in the OTC was a particular source of pride for CARA. On some level. It was the stability of the group constantly working to meet high expectations on another, though it. Appealed to a competitive streak. She never even knew she had mostly being part of a group that felt the same that wanted to be excellent. And that was both competitive and supportive was something care really could get behind and rifle team? We qualified for national competition. And after my junior year we went to nationals. I just remember like for the first time, having like this sense of pride and I was proud and I was like, so stoked and happy about like what we were doing because I had put so much time into that. Like we practiced every day, just that sense of like commod ary because you didn't know these people. We were in high school, but we were all there for the same goal. And it was to shoot well to do well and to qualify when I think about it just makes me smile just because like that was a point in my life where you know prior to that, I never had a sense of belonging. And in that moment, when we were. Competing. It was like, if you just kinda get overwhelmed with it, whether you're shooting good or shooting bad, like everybody was there together, you had a common goal and everybody lifted each other up. So it was here just far as like feeling like he fit somewhere, you know duty to others duty to yourself before her junior year was even over Karen, knew she would join the marines. Even though the war in Afghanistan was already underway her ankle Vietnam veteran, supported her decision wholeheartedly as did her aunt and so and addition to the ROTC duties, Carolina started pre-training to be marine.

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