Fast-moving lava from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano closes highway


Appear still mourning the loss of one of their own marine divers with the chicago fire department head back into the waters of the chicago river this morning they're still trying to find twenty old alberto lopez he fell overboard on memorial day near ashland avenue diver one busey oh died monday night during the initial rescue operation an early morning shooting in cities loop one man is injured he was shot in the neck his car then jumped a curb and ended up crashing into a light pole this man tells channel ninety got the right after the shooting screaming and when i came around the corner there was a whole bunch of people standing there saying they killed jack and they jumped in another car and left around one thirty this morning on clerk street between polk and harrison the victims hospitalized in critical condition no suspects in custody new concerns about the eruption of the kilowatt volcano lava flows moving at an alarming rate now cutting off a critical access point abc's wit johnson is in hawaii this is coming from fisher number eight we've been watching it over the past few days but this is the most active we've seen it so far beneath it a river of lava in some places moving up to five hundred yards per hour compare that to earlier stages in this election where the lava was moving just thirteen feet per hour lava flow continuing because problems for evacuations at crossed highway one thirty two that's a critical access point making it tougher for those trying to get out back local via poor transit system at o'hare airport that allows people to move between the terminals and the parking lot it's temporarily shutting down today until winner they're modernizing that system the chicago department of aviation says they're going to add more airport bus shuttles to compensate let's get an update now from wgn sports with david and good morning major league baseball says the wrong decision was made on anthony results controversial slide and the cubs win monday over the pirates manager joe man disagrees rizzo thought the pirates would hit him last night and retaliation they didn't though teammate wilson contraire as did get plunked but rizzo i'm heading of his own result it is matt.

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