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Tweeting last night she did something unforgivable went too far doesn't want it defended but added her now infamous tweet about a former president obama adviser widely labeled racist in a public backlash was at two am wall on ambien abc cancelled the reboot of roseanne comedian wanda sykes who consulted on this show quit and valerie jarrett responded on msnbc i think we have to turn it into a teaching moment i'm fine i'm worried about all the people out there who don't have a circle of friends and followers who come right to their defense it should be noted roseanne barr has a history of being controversial both on her show and in real life fox's trace gallagher rosanna that rebooted show is an avid trump supporter the president did not mention her to rally last night in tennessee he did bring up what he calls spy gate and the fbi's probe into russia and his campaign so how'd you like the fact they had people infiltrating our campaign can you imagine can you imagine a democrats dispute that say there was no spying the president while campaigning for republican senate candidate marsha blackburn called her democratic rival phil bredesen's tool for senate minority leader chuck schumer a north koreans about the land in america and officials said it'd be kim jong wounds right hand man part of the diplomatic efforts to get the meeting president trump cancelled back on trying to get north korea to give up nuclear weapons secretary of state mike pompeo will head to new york for a meeting with a top north korean official kim yong troll a us delegation is meeting with north korean counterparts in the dmz and a us pre advanced team is in singapore coordinating the logistics of the expected summit fox's jared halpern alberto's remnants continued to rain on the southeast is a flash flood warning in mcdowell county north carolina a dam failures said to be imminent some residents had to evacuate fox news.

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