Trainer Drew Hanlen dishes on Markelle Fultz's new jumper, prior case of 'the yips'


So jane three last night we've been i i saw that the warriors have ruined basketball for me and there's certain clip that kind of is almost a microcosm of the the kind of attitude of these guys bring the way they kinda they go about presenting themselves as an organization as a team klay thompson was on nba tv last night with believe it was chris webber isaiah thomas and those guy i think charles barkley was on there as well and they asked him you know what it's like the beyond that seem especially when couple guys are not playing very well chris webber asking the question towards the end and his response will be was kind of hurt my heart it was heart wrenching hurt my heart okay i have a theory that if i was a team and you had that game i would be happy if we won because you're not gonna have to shooting bad shooting nights in a row as a shooter i know you never lose your confidence but you you feel that way too is a great shooter.

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