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Seven number seven grant recognition of grant red china recognition of red admission china of red china admission to the un of red china to the un number four permit number free four trade between permit all nations free trade regardless between all nations regardless of communist affiliation communist affiliation and regardless of whether and or not regardless of whether or items not could be used items for warm could be used for warm so we have this wonderful so trade we agreement have this wonderful with china trade agreement thanks with to the china communist goals thanks to the communist goals and they've been playing and us they've been playing they've us been manipulating they've it been they manipulating have been it they have been manipulating their currency manipulating they have their been currency playing games they have been playing in john games trump said in john trump no said more no more donald president donald donald trump said president that donald trump said that china is guilty china of economic is guilty aggression of economic aggression and in a thirty five page and report in a thirty titled five how page china's report economic titled aggression how china's economic threatens aggression threatens the technologies and intellectual the technologies property and of intellectual the united states property and the world of the united states and the world that came a day after that came president a day after president donald trump donald threatened trump to slap additional threatened tariffs to slap additional on tariffs goods from china on goods from china now everybody believes we are now in the middle

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