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Decades and then what was now known as the hollywood palace is still now just call the palace for a while that was referred to the el capitan bob hope used to do a radio show there were desi arnez was as bandleader and if you look at any of the old material was from the el capitan which is not that the but it is just well on on vine street near hollywood and vine yeah well abc at great expense constructed renovated the old el capitan theater for this huge set for this jerry lewis to our variety show which tanked after thirteen weeks and they cancelled the jerry lewis show but the they decided okay we've invested in the theater we've got the time plot let's just continue with a variety show only it'll be sort of it'll be sort of like an anthology variety show putting it in that it will not have a regular host but it will have different musical accident maybe sometimes it'll be it'll have a theme like a musical show and that is and we'll call it the hollywood palace and that is how an and that is how the that that show evolved and it was a staple and as i mentioned a few minutes ago it was a it was a staple of the saturday night lineup with the lawrence welk show as its lead on lead in for a good five six years and that venue later would be the host of the merv griffin show for several years during other shows mervat it always say tonight from the hollywood palace and he would have the the setup over there he would later moved down to his own studio just a little bit further down buying closer to sunset and

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