Frank Mir sees clear path to tourney title if he gets past Fedor Emelianenko


Hey i got i got to tell you this before i forget i'm gonna be on stage tomorrow night at the laugh factory in chicago richard and frank mir we're going to go over and do that the guys from phone booth fighting team up and so anybody that wants to come out come on out i got a poke you just a little bit right now because well something frank mir said this just reminded me he said if he wins against fate or he says he sees a clear path to victory what do you what do you think about that clear path to the champion the championship winning it all so so slide right past old jail peas slid past every frac mir slid me he did he did that's all i gotta tell you i'm not crazy about this i that's wanted to details huckle narrow one by one he just called it a clear path if they say clear the word was clear path as though or is the guy you gotta get through as yours truly isn't the bright shining light in this tournament is that how he implied it he just that's all he said locate the implications are in his tone a little bit of a high handed statement by old frank isn't it quite very much i gotta tell you i've been a lot of things in my career but overlooked is not one of them i don't know of anybody that made that mistake i will chalk it up to nothingness for now and i will tell you why because next week i'm going to have an opponent.

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