Cycling accidents rising


Of human services failed to protect heart children that the heart children years before they were driven off a cliff in california to their death that is the claim of a portland attorney who says the thorny should have been well aware that food deprivation child abuse does happen in fact in two thousand twelve kevin katcher won a two million dollar lawsuit against oregon dhs half of a child who was starved by her foster parents needs to release these records every time there's a matter of public importance every time there's a significant case of child abuse the news organizations the public is entitled to know what happened and why 2013 investigation into alleged abuse against the heart children determined there wasn't enough evidence they were being denied food culture says s should have known the children were suffering he's asking oregon's governor to intervene and hold the organization accountable jennifer and sarah hart and four of their six children found dead after their vehicle flew off that coastal cliff a month ago the children are believed to have been in the vehicle to carleen johnson komo news a man suspected of groping and exposing himself young girls in king county last year now under arrest police say remmy amnon was taken into custody in vermont at the canadian border police say he tried to lure a young girl at a walmart in federal way in december than exposed himself it's unclear when he'll be extradited back to washington cyclists and pedestrians beware the number of fatal hit and run rex's on the rise komo's jeff pohjola has a look at the numbers since two thousand nine the number of fatal hit and run rex's gone up a startling sixty percent in two thousand sixteen there were more than two thousand fatal hit and runs across the country the highest number on record over sixty percent of these crashes the deaths and baltin these crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists aaa spokeswoman tamra johnson says it's unclear why the numbers are going up but cautions drivers to pay more attention to those pedestrians and cyclists jeff pohjola komo news a local marine critically injured in afghanistan five and a half years ago honored today along with other wounded warriors in a white house ceremony evan bottle of lake stevens and dozens of others took part in.

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