FDA  re-examines  safety of  Parkinson's drug 


Of a crash we'll get a complete check of traffic in just a moment while the headlines used to be sports related and not their successes on the balance beam or the field but they turn disturbing when athletes came forward with claims of abuse now philadelphiabased commission is going after the abusers and the institutions that harbor them kyw steve tower it's called game over commission to protect youth athletes most of its focus will be on the team doctor for usa gymnastics and michigan state university larry nassar one hundred fifty six women and girls testified against him but two hundred sixty five have come forward according to university of pennsylvania professor marci hamilton i fear that we're going to lose all of the trails to the truth it was multiple institutions multiple individuals that made this happen appleton is also ceo of the academic think tank child usa institutions live to protect themselves like the penn state situation that penn state eight the catholic church if you watch it with all of these institutions want is for all of this to disappear the commission expects to release a full report in twenty twenty steve taiwa kyw newsradio the food and drug administration says it's reexamining the safety of a medication that was approved despite concerns about the drugs risks the fda commissioner telling members of congress he would take another look at new placid the only drug approved to treat hallucinations and delusions associated with parkinson's disease psychosis medications been cited as a socalled suspect drug in hundreds of deaths voluntarily reported by caregivers and doctors since it hit the market the reports do not mean drug has been ruled the cause of harm news time one fifty two eisneramper sponsors.

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