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It's hateful conduct policy following backlash raving service spotify rolling back its controversial policy to remove artists from playlists based on questionable conduct the comedy announcing last month it would pull music flagged as violent from the platform and no longer promote artists who demonstrated hateful conduct in ended up singling out musicians are kelly and x x x tim tahseen users began questioning if the company should be the moral police in a blog post reps for spotify admit the initial stra was too vague causing confusion but say they will continue to bar hateful songs explaining we're not talking about offensive explicit or vulgar content we are talking about hate speech i'm kristin goodwin fox news google will not renew a contract with the pentagon that provides the military artificial intelligence algorithms to interpret video images and improve the targeting of drone strikes that's according to several published reports the project had riled some google employees including several who quit and thousands who signed a petition asking the ceo to cancel the project some top rank stars tumble in the third round action in the french open seeds won't make the fourth round on the women's side a lena's fiddling ousted by mahela boozer nascar in three sets and third round action friday boozer nephew caroline wozniacki madison keys doria kasich kina barbara cova and you'll putin several headed to the fourth round on the men's side fourth seed regarding metro tenth ranked pablo carino busa and thirteen roberto teesta all eliminated falling to fernando over dasa marco checcinato and novak djokovic respectively joining that trio in the fourth round at the french open alexander's vera caney she cory and dominick team matt napolitano fox news.

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