Driverless cars OK’d to carry passengers in CA


Ninety new emergency dispatchers faira will not get to sign the final budget that's up to whoever is elected to finish mayor ed lease term in next week's election on peter jon shuler k q e d news monterey county sheriff's officials say they've seized more than seventeen tons of mature opium poppy plants and what they think is the largest known opium bust in california history commander john thornberg says the purple native flowers were essentially hiding plain sight in eight different fields in the largely agricultural north county area i thought we took down was almost was i wanna say probably was visible from the roadway somebody drove by and saw it and knew exactly what they were looking at we go wait a minute what is that thornburgh says the processed opium from the plant would have a street value of about a half a million dollars the case is still under investigation and no arrests have been made state regulators have approved a pilot project that would allow companies testing thomas vehicles to carry passengers k cuties dan brekke reports the california public utilities commission is allowing two types of testing for autonomous vehicles with passengers one for cars with the driver aboard to watch how the vehicle is driving and one for cars with riders but no driver it's likely to be a while though before four higher autonomous vehicles are carrying passengers in california the rules for the program require companies to get permits from the department of motor vehicles to operate driverless vehicles on public roads so far just two companies.

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