Andrea Constand, Bill Cosby accuser, speaks out following verdict


Time three forty eighth sun and clouds in boston beautiful afternoon it's eighty four degrees thank you for being with us i'm jeff brown our top stories now in the wbz newsroom the former dean of boston english high school sean harrison found guilty of shooting a student he was convicted today he will be sentenced tomorrow phillips academy in andover closed today after getting an email threat meantime sudbury curtis middle school opened today after police investigated the threat apparently made by students involving a gun wall street is struggling deep in the red today the dow is giving back much of what it gained yesterday off by almost two hundred forty points ten minutes away from the closing bell bill cosby's chief accuser is speaking out for the first time since the comedian was found guilty of aggravated indecent assault last month and andrea constand has a lot to say andrea constand says she felt like a quote limp noodle after she says bill cosby gave her three blue pills and sexually assaulted her back in two thousand four that's from excerpts of an interview with nbc's dateline it's the first time constand has spoken publicly since cosby's conviction she describes wanting to resist cosby's advances but says she was unable cosby has maintained the encounter was consensual he remains under house arrest until the sentencing in september mark remillard abc news dueling videos of the arrest of a philadelphia woman on memorial day weekend suspected of underage drinking show her both spitting at an officer and throwing a punch at police police body cam video released today show the spitting and name calling by the woman arrested on a new jersey shore front twenty year old emily wineman will be in court facing charges including aggravated assault a witness also shot a video showing the punch that has gone viral a vice president of a big wall street right bank is charged with insider trading on his desk at goldman sachs j john was able to learn a lot of non public information about a lot of clients federal prosecutors said he used it to trade stock and he tried to conceal it by conducting those elicit trades through an account held by a friend in south korea.

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