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The. Today, we're back with Jen, Bain, and train Garitano there. The co host of the podcast friendship ING. It's a weekly show all about the relationships we have with our friends every week. Jenin Tren answer questions about friendship. They try to advise the tricky stuff that's making us feel weird kneel before beginning the episode, but Jenin Tren. Can you talk about what has been one of your most formative friendship as an adult besides this one size? This one? Yeah. I think the friendships I have made as an adult are just based on like activities. I've done like things I do shared interests, an activity at cetera, et cetera. So I think it's way easier to continue an event than it is to kick off an event. Yeah, right. It's easier to say, let's go, let's go to the park and watch a movie in the park or, hey, I was going to go to this jazz club tonight. You want to join. Me that's way easier than saying like, hey, dude, immediate. Six PM next Saturday for movies in the park? I, it's it's easier to continue something than than to start fresh. Right. What about you? I think I've been really lucky since college to have made some really cool adult friends. I think one of the things that I've learned as an adult and my friendships is I'm way more picky about keeping people around me that I feel like uplift me versus people that just happened to be in my social sphere, if that makes sense. Yeah, you're being a little more thoughtful. Yeah. I wanna walk away from hanging out with a friend, feeling good and not feeling like drained. And I think I've identified what kinds of conversations and things I do with friends that energize me versus dreamy. That's great. That's very mature. And that takes us into today's episode with the friendship podcast hosts. Jen and Trinh. Yeah, I wanted to hear just some anecdotes about the last time you made a friend and I were talking about this and it's not a new or novel idea, but it's tough to make friends. It's a dull tes some interested in the last time. Each of you made a friend and maybe the moment you were like, oh, we're friends. It's been a while. I got actually have actively trying to make a friend, right in new, how's it going terribly? So this woman who I had door and I love her husband and we're tight, and she cuts my hair and like every time we we do haircut like we have amazing conversations and we're constantly trying to hang out, but it's never going to happen. We're soap Izzy and like every time we're like, hey, I, you know, seriously, I like you a lot and I would love to be friends and I haven't seen you in five weeks, but it's not like don't like you. It's because of my life, you know? And that's, that's the way my friendship that I mentioned this yesterday because life is so busy and I only have certain. Amount of bandwidth, like emotionally for people when I have friends, I want to be present for them when I meet people that I like love and want to know like Teramo we can't be friends because I mean we can be friends, but how do I fit you in to my orb rate? It's hard because we're so busy, but also because there's only so much of us to give. Yes, absolutely. I don't know who said this. It was probably Oprah, but, but the is like, you can't pour from an empty Cup. Yeah, there's really only so much all energy comes from the same. Well, this really only so much you can give people even people you really wanna give more to. Yeah, and Jen. And I are really deep introverts too. So I mean, I, I remember I don't remember what what I did, but I remember saying, oh, I just got back from a con. So I'm not going to see any of my friends for two weeks while I recover. Yeah, totally. And it's like we have to be aware of those things too. Because also if you don't do that, then you are crappy friend to the friends you have? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I have a good friend of mine. Who we kept trying to get together and she kept cancelling and it was really hurting my feelings and I couldn't, and I'm not an introvert, but it took me realizing that she is and she was going through a lot workwise and so she needed to be away from people. And I think she did want to hang out with me, but just like she wasn't in the head space where it made sense and it wasn't until we kind of had that conversation. I was like, oh, got it. Yeah, that's cool. Once I understood it was fine. But at the while it was happening, I was like, what's going on? Yeah, that's very, we hear from that scenario a lot actually because we take questions on the show and we hear somebody Asian of why does my friend never wanna hang out with me or I feel bad about bailing and cancelling. That's pretty much universal thing for friendships. I think kind of speaks back to what we were talking about earlier, the giant umbrella, a friendship like they are way more people that you will like and be compatible with. Then you can actually be tight friends. Yeah, totally. As we said at the top of few episodes coming up with friendship ings Jenin trip. So keep your ears perked for that. If you have a friend question and you'd like to send Jenin TRAN, you can find them on social media, but the best way to get in touch with them is Email at friend shipping podcast at g mail dot com. Tell them the good news center and don't forget to include the pronouns. You'd like them to us. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news? Awesome, or maybe wanna tell us a joke or idea. That's amazing. Email us that good news at cards against humanity dot com or leave his voice mail at seven, three, two, one, seven, zero one, five, six. You can also tweet us at the good news pod, and if you love the good news podcast reviews on items, we appreciate it. Most of our music is by putting there same place same time tomorrow.

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