Dancing with the Stars Athletes - Episode 1 Recap


Dancing with the stars is a special athlete edition so listen to some of the athletes they have tonya harding you accused you know her people are gonna like torch the other people's angelman knees it's happened before as well it has asked performances a guarantee of future results the husband's gone kneecap kareem abduljabbar kareem he did the lindsay arnold lindsay is five foot four seven foot one anyway anyway and very high heels because i saw them standing next to each other and she came up to his mid shoulder areas so must have been intended to stiff on the dance floor is our but he made it last night it was a double elimination so it's a it's a short season jennie finch's dancing she's the famous softball pitcher let's see who else adam rippon the figure skater damon all right so came down to the elimination time and let's get the final call here the couple who is faith is tanya and tonya harding made it barely barely yes she was in the bottom three barely made it that means johnny and jamie artem to leave the competition we lose pora johnny damon former yankee and red sox star johnny damon was eliminated he was dancing with emma slater and the other one is jamie anderson a female snowboarder and shoe was fancying with arte let's just call bar temp says they did the viennese waltz but they only scored nineteen hundred thirty what was damon score here damon score was eighteen thirty so that was the worst adam ripa had ripon eight rippon h eight eight good for rippon all right johnny damon's gone finance our dancing with the stars report i like that song expecting that's why i got into talk radio so i could report on dancing with this is the athlete version this is your up school chancellor richard korans apologizing sort of for his controversial tweeden sheldon seaver selden silver speaks that's outside the courtroom so that's coming up next and you know if you want to win a thousand dollars tune in at seven oh five here on seven ten w arbor right now tune into bernie fighter with traffic halonen michael a crash quickly cleared away inbound 495 heading for.

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