Explosion rocks Connecticut neighborhood; multiple injuries, street closures – live updates


Hanno boy we're also following breaking news out of connecticut where this is north haven there was a barricade situation a standoff several swat team members were possibly breaching the home when it exploded oh my god so several swat team members have been taken by ambulance to the hospital after a possible explosion during a standoff this is in north haven connecticut no other information has been released but nbc connecticut reports that several cops were taken away by ambulance i'll boy then k updated throughout the night it was a boobytrapped i i don't know well if people i actually have an uncle lives in that area and it's it's just directly south of hartford connecticut almost right on the on the block island sound there and just a little bit north of milford but it is a dan patrick on the phone beautiful area that's where they do the dan patrick show milford connecticut is that right that's where the mantilla's that's in milford in milford milford that's why they go to new york so often because that's a hop skip and a jump from new york i mean literally like twenty five thirty plus dan does the sunday night football stuff and so right getting back to these raw oysters.

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