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Six bill cosby's wife has weighed in on his sex conviction bill cosby's wife camille says his chief accuser lied and the guilty verdict last month outside philadelphia at his sexual assault trial was mob justice she says unproven allegations evolved into lynch mobs who publicly and privately coerced cancellations of cosby performances and honorary degrees she's demanding a criminal investigation of the district attorney and calls prosecutors exploitive and corrupt people she ends by saying some day the truth will prevail it always does steve kaethe and cbs news the academy of motion picture arts and sciences the group that hands out the oscars has voted to expel cosby and director roman polanski from its membership polanski remains a fugitive after leaving us in nineteen seventy eight after pleading guilty to sex with a minor the academy also expelled disgraced producer harvey weinstein back in october jim chenevey cbs news it's trouble five at the bay area's new station kcbs hazy sunshine a little warmer today good morning i'm larry sharoni here's what's happening a woman one of two people shot and bill bali yesterday afternoon has died of her injuries the shooter and eighty year old man is also dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound kcbs jeffrey schaub reports shooting disrupted the normally quiet marin county city of mill valley residents had to be escorted by sheriff's deputies as the events unfolded sheriffs received a call at three twenty pm shots fired at an apartment complex at the nine hundred block of east blythedale avenue immediately they found two shooting victims a man and a woman marin county sheriff's department sergeant brenton's schneider first deputy is on scene wrapped it'd be victims carried them out of the scene to waiting ambulances once they had the victim security started doing evacuations of all the apartments within two hours swat team members stormed an apartment unit stephanie campos lives in the building next door went outside and the cops were still going into the scene i saw them carrying rifles swat team members broke down the door of an apartment unit and found the suspect deceased from a gunshot wound he was described as an eighty year old hispanic male shelter in place had been ordered for the surrounding neighborhood this woman's two and a half year old was with caretakers and a daycare center along with six other toddlers she's whispering and she said we're all save don't worry but don't come here to stay quiet none of.

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