Grand jury to consider drug charge against Rose McGowan

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That michael cohen was reimbursed for a one hundred thirty thousand dollar payments daniels windy specifically know that the president repaid mr colin for the one hundred thirty thousand dollars new person the first awareness i had was during the interview last night you can watch that news conference also on our facebook page wma ldc drug possession charge this hour new this hour against rose mcgowan as being sent to a virginia grand jury after a jaundice found probable cause mcgowan sought to have the charges against her dismissed at a preliminary hearing today and leesburg she had suggested that the drugs may have been planted on her by agents hired by disgraced hollywood producer harvey weinstein the judge said the standard for finding probable cause as low and arguments about whether the drugs may have been planted there are better suited for trial a california judge denying a motion by the attorney of the man accused of being the golden state killer to stop the collection of more dna evidence against her client attorney diane howard the public defender for former cop joseph di angelo tried to block the collection of more fingerprint and other dna evidence including photos of the seventy two year old suspect specifically of his genitals howard argue the warrants should be stopped because it was approved before her client was arrested and charged the prosecution argued the collection should continue because it is non testimonial evidence and the judge agreed correspondent jim rupe checking your money ahead of the close the dow's up three points the sp five hundred.

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