Betsy DeVos: School safety commission won't examine role of guns


Company affiliates and other insurance discount not available in all states or situations time eight fifty four the president's commission on school safety holds a listening session today here's serena marshall this session follows betsy devos the education secretary and chair of the commission's testimony on capitol hill tuesday where she told senator patrick layhee commissioner get the role of firearms is released a gun violence schools that is not part of the commissions charged per se even as they try to find according to her ways to keep kids safe at school meantime governor cuomo says he'll introduce legislation that would allow guns to be removed from the homes of troubled students he has also said he wants to raise the minimum age to buy firearms from eighteen to twenty one friends and family of the late senator bobby kennedy will host a memorial service at arlington today to mark the fiftieth anniversary of his death after being assassinated former president clinton and kennedy clan members will be there the service will include performances by country music star kenny chesney wins news time eight fifty five moneywatch in one min when working at a growing business you wear many hats.

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