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Cherry avenue right in the metro neighborhood so far police haven't found anyone who was hurt one car sped away officers track down the other car and found it abandoned now the story just coming into the newsroom a stolen van with fifteen show dogs inside could have ties to our area police in redding california put out an alert after a van that looks like this with washington plates and a seahawks dicker was stolen from fast food parking lot today they also released a picture of the suspect and they say the show dogs in the van include rat terriers yellow labs and rottweilers these are examples of the breeds or working to find out more about the owners of the van and those show dogs tonight soccer star hope solo says she's exploring her legal options after the city of kirkland dropped domestic violence charges against the former us national team goalkeeper solo was accused of assaulting two family members at our home an imperfect in two thousand fourteen last month prosecutors filed a motion to drop the charges saying the witnesses in the case wanted to move on and would not participate in a trial today solos attorney called the charges quote patently false and blamed the city for pursuing a case that damaged solos reputation and i want to show you part of this david solo just posted on facebook earlier today she writes quote i always knew this day would come but i never imagined it would take nearly four years any sense of relief and gratification is matched by frustration and disbelief knowing the great lengths the city of kirkland and all involved went to in order to further their own interests check out this video coming in a tornado touched down near laremy wyoming tonight no injuries have been reported so far wyoming has been hammered with storms for the last few days the death toll from guatemala volcano eruption continues to climb at least ninety nine people have been killed and another two hundred are still missing the volcano is still spewing toxic ash and lava forcing rescuers to stop their search today we're also tracking the eruption in hawaii and tonight it is changing the landscape in a very dramatic way the lava flows have evaporated island's largest freshwater body of water green lake that was once two hundred feet deep and.

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