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Hey we're back my gallon in a monday night and united states supreme court today a really good chance that the head end the practice of gerrymandering in creating and changing legislative districts both congressional and state representative and the way it works is when the party in power in the state legislature draws the districts that can look a little crazy district lines i remember one case actually ran down an interstate and then into a community that was favorable to the party in power and wait a situation here a few years back in the first congressional district where warren county was awarded into the first congressional district made it a very republican district anyway two cases today before the united states supreme court from wisconsin and maryland and the united states supreme court decided that they weren't gonna decide they potted and chief justice roberts said that this court is not responsible for vindicating generalized partisan preferences and that was what the chief justice said here to talk about it today is kate shaw from abc news kate thanks for calling in to be here was that a pretty accurate summary of what happened today and what the supreme court found the needs to cases kate yeah i think i was very accurate summary you know what i'd say is the word that the court is very dry legal term that the court uses to avoid deciding the cases it's standing so you described the kind of dynamics on the ground really well so you have legislatures so where the party in power has the control of the district the math drawing process and whether it's democrats or republicans who hold the kind of mapdrawing pen they basically use it to kind of entrench themselves in power everyone knows this happens and even the chief justice in the rest of the court seems to agree that it might be a problem but the the question is what courts can do about it you know courts don't sort of stand in judgement on every problem in our democracy there has to be a concrete dispute be a party whose injured and they have to be asking the corporate specific redress and.

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