Sesame Street Sues the Makers of Raunchy Puppet Film The Happytime Murders


In its marketing campaign by using the tagline no sesame street sesame workshop are used that line deliberately confuses consumers and may cause people to think sesame is associated with the movie the suit asks for a jury trial punitive damages and that happy time murders changes its advertising i'm alexandra and speaking out or actually i was speaking a little bit earlier about the apollo program the apollo thirteen lots of people trivia trivia question the apollo thirteen was the odyssey was the command module and the aquarius was the lunar lander the age of aquarius will be nbc's next live musical at the watch that train wreck the los angeles times says hair reliable air on nbc sometime later this year the rock musical that made its broadway debut fifty years ago revolves around a group of hippies living in new york and opposing the vietnam war nbc's entertainment chairman robert greenbelt it calls hair one of the most original shows ever conceive broadway

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