Ebola death toll rises to 12 in Congo


In handcuffs in police custody happened just before to sunday morning inside two hundred to thirty two east one hundred sixteenth street in east harlem ems was already there when cops arrived man was having some issues he was attended to after he lost consciousness taken a metropolitan hospital where he was pronounced dead warning to police they were told he had been drinking tequila and mad begun to act violent medical examiner will determine the cause of death potentially fatal strain of the flu spreading among dogs in brooklyn has now been found in manhattan as well dr alison mason medical director of the hope animal hospital in boerum hill says the h three n two virus can be fatal for some dogs each three antivirus does not affect humans but like other flu like other types of flu viruses they can always mutate and change but at this point no it does not affect humans but it can affect cat thirtyseven dogs in brooklyn since april and has now contaminated at least two dogs in manhattan doctors urged dog owners to vaccinate their dogs to fight this virus wins news time four thirty five e bala is making a deadly comeback another person has died in the congo of a confirmed case bringing the number of italians from the latest outbreak to twelve countries health ministry reports thirty five confirmed cases of ebola health workers have identified people who have been in contact with the latest patients and we'll be inoculating them with a new experimental vaccine in other parts of the congo the vaccination campaign is already underway about one hundred health workers have been vaccinated there as frontline workers face the biggest risk from.

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