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In france there is praise and there are thanks to an undocumented immigrant from the african nation of mali who climbed up on apartment building to save a small child the young man said he saw the four year old who was home alone had slipped over the edge of the balcony and was hanging on by his hands mama do gassama said he just sprang into action scaling four floors balcony to balcony the young immigrants moved to france from mali last september but has no papers president emmanuel macron invited him to the palace and promised him he will be naturalized and he said the paris fire service is ready to offer him a job elaine cobb cbs news paris larry's going to the on afternoon time out at starbucks which was closing some eight thousand stores across the country today to conduct anti bias training right after the arrest of two black men last month at one of its philadelphia stores it also brings attention to the use of socalled unconscious bias training tom foty cbs news 1205 at the bay area's news station kcbs we've got another warm day coming up today tuesday but not quite as warm as memorial day i'm john evans good morning in for larry sharoni here's what's happening the golden state warriors defeated the houston rockets last night in texas for the western division championship kcbs has curtis kim joined thirteen thousand fans who watched the game on the big screens at the oracle arena in oakland.

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