Gordon Griffin, Congress and Washington discussed on Market Wrap woth Moe Ansari


But what may come out of tuesday's summit between president donald trump and kim jong un has has different implications for each japan unable to meet kim directly relying on mr trump for an accounting of its citizens who were abducted decades ago by the north south koreans remained skeptical but hopes that the talks could push forward korean more peace treaty china's seeks to continue exerting its influence on north korea house republicans have fallen short in their latest attempt at reaching an immigration compromise but talks continues majority leader kevin mccarthy convened a closeddoor meeting on immigration friday between members of the conservative and moderate wings of the party but lawmakers walked out with no deal it was the second such meeting of the week and talks are expected to continue moderates in the republican wing have set out a tuesday deadline for a deal if there's no compromise by then the centrist worn they'll have enough petition signatures to force house votes later this month including on a bill which would provide young immigrants protection from deportation and a chance to apply for citizenship mike rossier washington taxes is challenging the affordable care act in federal court and the trump jobs just department is now saying it won't defend parts of the healthcare law and court texas

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