Michigan police confident they've found gravesite of girls missing for decades


Of travelcenters of america and progressive insurance there's been a possible big break in a cold case in the state of michigan police searching the woods for a young girl missing since nineteen seventy nine now they believe a total of six girls could be buried in the area more from abc news coldcase turned red hot investigators in michigan tipped off that this may be the burial site of up to six young girls some missing for almost four decades one of those girls kimberly king who vanished in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine the twelve year old last seen in her best friend's backyard police think king and the other five girls were killed by arthur the child predator is already in jail for the nineteen eightysix kidnap and murder of thirteen year old sindhis are zeki ream giving the detectives details in chilling interrogation video zarzusky found in these woods ten years ago but the site not fully searched this empty open field once hidden in the woods police say kelly brownlee and kim loro who disappeared in the nineteen eighties could also be found there kimberly king sister connie says she'll never stop looking abc's the pilgrim from the scene in michigan back here in the tristate cincinnati city council has voted to ban bump stocks within city limits cincinnati the first city and the buckeye state to do so lawsuits are expected ohio secretary of state john huston is declaring may main street ohio month to honor small businesses in the buckeye state according to statistics from the us small business administration small businesses employed almost half of all ohio ends in recent years about two point two million people work for small businesses throughout may a number of small businesses from across state will be highlighted by ohio business.

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