Is Fortnite to blame for David Price's carpal tunnel syndrome


Nashville it is looks like it okay that's going to be a really fun would be rodway lot of karaoke a lot of carrio rich the on the mike from people did i tell you that about that one experience going karaoke there in nashville yes there's like it was like going to an american idol everyone's a professional singer everybody got the fair the golden ticket yeah well i was waiting for you to kinda ask me what what el what all right my favorite player in the major league major leagues right now david price thirty one million dollars a year for boston so he misses start yesterday so he's he's getting more annually than than matt ryan yeah he gets a million dollars start okay even if he makes it or not well assuming he makes thirty one starts year sure so anyway he dimissed start this week against the yankees numbness in throwing hand he's been experiencing that for quite some time yeah so manager cora alex cora said that david price has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome i couldn't david lennon covers major league baseball for newsday he tweeted out when a reporter suggested the david price is a big gamer and plays a lot of fortnight which would be potential cause for this injury core said he'd speak to price about it when he rejoined the team so this david price throwing hand numbness could be a result of playing too much fortnight fortnight are you freaking kidding me.

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