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It is chinese owned it is the number one supplier for the magnesium radiator support structure the part that holds radiators on ford trucks this is day ford of digging for bodies and mccomb township there may be more days investigators brought in more equivalent to that wooded area twenty three mile on north avenue looking for remains of missing girls officials reopened the investigation they say into the disappearance of kimberly king of warren last seen in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine more interviews with convicted killer arthur ream and new information that they had prompted the latest search for what may be as many as six bodies search location i i think the approximate areas about twenty four acres and they found information that we've we've received from warren we're trying to narrow that down to what's feasible considering the growth is bannon and this is the spot that killer arthur rim led investigators to and twenty await and they found the remains of thirteen year old cindy sars icky the detroit lions issuing a statement in response to the detroit news story that head coach matt patricia was indicted on sex assault in a case that was ultimately dismissed court records from texas show but pressure nfl college student gregory dietrich were indicted in august of nineteen ninetysix on sex assault charges but the case was dismissed matt patricia says as someone who was falsely accused of this very serious charge and never given the opportunity to defend myself and clear my name i find it unfair disappointing and frustrating this story would resurface he says the only purpose is to damage his character and reputation he says he firmly maintains his innocence lions management says the lions take allegations like this very seriously they say the coach was of a standard pre employment background check which did not disclose this issue there statement says that we believe in accepted coach patricia explanation and they support him to men exchanged gunfire in a running gunbattle while driving last night from melvin delta oh dearborn the fight was over a woman dearborn police say the situation began in melvin dale around eight thirty involving men and.

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