Man drives to police station, confesses to killing girlfriend in Charlotte, NC


W pt coming up in five minutes here on wbz's morning news part two of mark garrisons conversation with dan mccreevy the democrat who is about to face off with reverend mark harris for district number nine us congress there will be a new congressman it'll be one of those too of course and more about mccreevy coming up it is six thirty on wbz she says it's heartbreaking at six thirty i'm john stow charlotte's latest homicide happening overnight a domestic dispute in the fine print complex off south tryon near carowinds boulevard leaves a woman dead wbz news feeds caroline hicks is the discovery cave for man went to police headquarters and told officers he'd killed his girlfriend dot here and they went inside that apartment they found the woman dead from gunshot wounds per they also found an infant a baby boy thankfully he was on hot seeing pd major mike's mathers that prompted social services will.

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