NBA Draft 2018: Trae Young awaits the draft's call


Espn radio and espn app shannon penn is our m sake nba draft faith or fair we got to go with the guy who led the nation in both scoring and assists so gentlemen trae young out of oklahoma traffic or fear fear only because of his physique shoot it he can dish it and he had to carry a lot of guys had oklahoma but i don't know if his body can hold up on the defensive and you know he can shoot it you got play both ends in the nba that's my biggest fear when it comes to trae young i got faith and trae young because what you just said he led the nation in scoring assists and he didn't have anywhere near the talent that other guys hat on their basketball team it trae young played at arizona he'd be the number one picking the draft because they have some dudes in arizona even if he played at virginia draft because they got some dudes with tony bates virginia you know it makes shots you gotta play defense in virginia this way tony bennett heat up wait a little bit of defense he would have been fine i think the nba game is suited for him i know his slide of bill will be tested there's no doubt about that but when you can put the ball in the basket and you can find people that'll be out actually able to make layoffs and make three point shots i got faith and trade unions ability i don't know if he's going to be a star star but he's going to be more than star that people want to say about him despite his life frame and his slight built over give out the nba draft tonight's on espn radio and espn coverage begins at eight o'clock eastern time five o'clock on the west coast oklahoma football really loves their coach lincoln riley find out how much next on freddie fitzsimmons on espn radio the espn app and sirius xm channel eighty hey y'all we're taking.

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