an interview with Johannes Grenzfurthner / Boing Boing


Only did this because it's scared of president trump it scared of its twitter account his twitter account they're scared of him i guess dictatorially forcing them to do something against their will because of course he's a dictator and needs to be impeached and never fear we've got how we get our friend al green and the and congress who's leading that charge promising if democrats win that they will impeach him in fact he said a few days ago allegri not to not to crossover to many different storylines here but al green said a few days ago that he's got he's had republicans or at least one republican say that he's considering voting for impeachment so i guess it's even possible that trump in the world of al green radical democrat and radical leftist in congress were they might actually find a way to try to impeach trump without winning the house but regardless regardless it's not the nfl did this because they did upset people in it wasn't as trump they were upset because are concerned i should say scared because they eliminated their core viewing audience their core viewing audience is very proamerican the pro their core audience the core nfl fan the traditional nfl fan which they've driven off to some degree i don't know if they're coming back this why ask for you to share your thoughts on that.

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