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Something. You know, I was asked once interview how previous negative tweet critical tweet got from President Trump, and I feel about it. I said, won't really didn't bother me very much. And then it self is is kind of sad commentary about the relationship that President Trump has with the intelligence agencies who exist to serve him to provide him information to make decisions. How would you characterize that relationship today? Well, I think it's probably better than it was during was during the transition because now he has leaders install the are his team that he has faith. I'm presume has faith trust and confidence in, for example, Gina Hosoi who was recently sworn in as director of CIA when I call him on the eleventh though I tried to make that point. I said, you know that basically, you're. MS, like you're inheriting a national treasure in the form of intelligence community, and you have. Thousands of dedicated men and women, many of whom are in very risky situations. We're trying to protect this country mega hyphen secure, and they are committed to providing you as much timely accurate relevant to spur Tori intelligence that they can possibly muster. And I hope I wrote a note that said earlier when he got his first presidential daily brief briefing, then I hope he would abide by the time honored motto, truth to power from his intelligence community on only expected, but protect that. I, I'm not sure that that message show resonated with him, but I think it's it's probably better. I don't think the tells community is so much under the under the gun as much as long forcement community, which I, I find stubbing. Did he respond to your note the note again, to distinguish from the phone call was later he did thanked me profusely for it affect three times during the course of the briefing that we gave on the on the six, January Trump Tower. That was an important meeting in meeting that's been written about quite a bit, could ING from the another book out recently, the James Comey book you, you were among these four heads of intelligence agencies who went and met with the president elect at that point. What did you take away for about press. President elect Trump at that meeting? Well, first of all, it was actually very, very cordial. We were, I think, bit apprehensive because we weren't sure how he would react, particularly given a pretty critical tweet that he put out about the schedule, the scheduling, which was the man that was set in concrete. We had to brief President Obama. I because it was he who asked for the report to start with so, but it was generally cordial and professional in, you know, he listened pushed back on on on some things. I, I will say though that. One thing it was evident to me that it is very difficult for him to accept any information that would somehow cast doubt on the legitimacy of his election. And I think that has sustained to this day. And I think that's one of the reasons why he has issues with the intelligence community. You mentioned that the president is now being very critical of the law enforcement community, not specifically the intelligence committee, but that relates to his assertion that the FBI improperly used an informant who reached out to members of his campaign during the during the campaign. Does he have a legitimate beef there is, was there anything inappropriate going on by the way? If you ask me? No, I think it was a procreate. I, I've. I've also say that I can temperate contemporaneous -ly did not know about the this informant, nor would I know, or any deny know about sp- specific informants that the BI uses. This is a legitimate way to lean information.

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