Kim Jong Un Steps Over The Line: Everything We Know About The Historic Summit


News radio unlike kanter president trump sounding optimistic after the summit between north and south korea and says plans are still on the table for a meeting with north korean leader kim jong hoon we are doing things that are good i think we'll have a meeting over the next three or four weeks going to be very important meeting the nuclear is asian of the korean peninsula of north korea the president at a rally in washington michigan saturday after skipping the white house correspondents dinner for a second year in a row mike pompeo in saudi arabia this hour meeting with king salman on his first foreign trip is secretary of state discussing the iranian threat his after a nato meeting in brussels he called on nato members to fulfil a previous commitment to spend two percent of their gdp on defense fox's david lee miller he now heads to jerusalem fox news we report you decide good what are you have you on present paul here's what's happening for the lakes region on this sunday a lot of.

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