10 things we learned from the Detroit: Become Human demo


I'm i'm almost as excited about that dan on the korean peninsula look i think this is a positive development but we should be very cautious about what if longterm implications are anytime you have two leaders north korea and south korea meeting face to face expressing warm sentiments to say nothing of voiding overt hostilities that's a good thing this is not unprecedented before though we have we've seen this a number of times in the past the north korean dictators the kim's kindle sung yung hill and kim jong un have repeatedly made public commitments that they have had zero intention of fulfilling that's the way they conduct lissi and until i think we've got proof for hard evidence that something different this time it's it's best to remain deeply deeply skeptical of what the north koreans are up to a big event on monday it's the weekly standard midwest conservative summit and you got some great guest speaker paul ryan who announced he's not running for reelection you're going to be there the governor of the state of wisconsin longtime radio guy charlie sykes as you get together on monday you're going to be talking i know about the the elections in two thousand eighteen all the talk about the big blue wave what that means as we sit here today as we talk here today what does that feel like to you yeah i mean i think look look at our our website weekly standard dot com we've got a piece by our david beyeler who i think is really one of the smartest alexi analysts out there and he came to us from realclearpolitics and he looks at at the special elections and and there's an obvious and understandable trend democrats are overperforming republicans are underperforming how how much various from race to race how long that lasts.

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