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Watch and a trophy dubbed the lows men the opposite of the heisman quin transferred to smu from lsu where he led the f b s with a hundred and fourteen catches scored thirteen touchdowns from last i oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield oh top over paul selection of the two thousand eighteen draft there were four qb selected in the first ten for the first time in the common draft era though some question may feel that one pot center all night turns the bill barnwell show regarding the right team for mayfield and the right player for cleveland sportscenter allnight the bill barnwell show i wrote a column saying anything about quarterbacks nobody does no one knows it's going to be good or bad if i still had to give an opinion i think i would have taken baker mayfield i the numbers have him as by far the best prospect of misuse draft class his completion percentage on passes twenty plus yards downfield was fifty two percent josh allens completion percentage on passes at behind will scrimmage with i think fifty eight percent so this is a guy who was incredibly accurate and i think in the long run as we hear you know we hear from teams and say okay well you know we had a lot of easy throws at oklahoma guys are wide open in that lincoln riley offense you know this is a league where offenses are changing college offenses now are playing a bigger part in the things we say in the pros the eagles were running mash an air raid concept that comes from byu in the mid eighties in the super bowl against the patriots so i do think whoever baker mayfield and in this case the browns they should be stealing stuff not oklahoma offense they should have some lincoln riley place to set up for baker mayfield and i do think that it's great that he doesn't have to rush into the lineup i mean this is a team that we're at the browns play tyrod taylor all year you know i don't think anyone's going to question that and say we gotta see baker right now so i think relative to where he could have gone and by that i mean the jets i think.

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