Ex-president who signed accord ending Guatemala's war dies

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And earned high level graduate degrees behind bars in march an independent state parole board cleared him for release that move drew a furious response from patrick lynch who heads a powerful policemen's union in new york city letting these murdering matz on this street is like saying walk free so kill again governor andrew cuomo said he disagrees with the parole board's decision but a judge validated it bell who seventy years old will live now under supervision in new york city brian man npr news police end detroit are preparing to combat a weekend of paintball warfare on the city streets laura herbert from member station w d e t reports unsolicited social media posts are encouraging the use of paintball guns as an alternative to gun violence in the city detroit police chief james craig says the idea is well intentioned but misguided police officers when confronted with someone with a replica weapon or in this case of paint gun they may may make the mistake thinking real firearm and phil threaten there may be a deadly response to that six people have already been arrested for shooting cars and other property with paintball guns craig says the department will be beefing up enforcement and arresting paintball offenders for npr news i'm laura herbert in detroit you're listening to npr news from washington health officials are still trying to pinpoint the cause of an e coli outbreak that sickened some one hundred people in twenty two states the bacteria was traced her romaine lettuce from yuma arizona but the source of the contamination remains unknown one of quantum mollahs most powerful politicians is dead alvarado arzu former president of guatemala and mayor of guatemala city died yesterday afternoon maria martin has more from antigua alberta where sue was playing golf with friends when he suffered a heart attack the influential politician had served as president of what the mullahs from nineteen ninetysix until two thousand he negotiated and signed peace accords ending the country's long civil war are suicide on his third term mayor of what city recently he'd been a vocal opponent of the international anticorruption commission or see sieg which had accused him of elicit use of electric.

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