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After suffering a miscarriage, Halsey says she is freezing her eggs at 23


To you by tom price jury in pennsylvania convicted eighty year old bill cosby on all three counts of sexually assaulting a woman in his home in two thousand four each count carries a potential of ten years in prison the da argued cosby should be placed in jail until sentencing saying cosby god could flee in a private plane and that's when cosby yelled he doesn't have a plan you whole the judge allowed cosby remained free until his sentencing hearing which hasn't been announced yet yes surrendered his passport he must remain in his home so yeah polled the cosby show a free form by palsy was on the doctors the doctors and talking about freezing her eggs even though she's twenty three but it's a good idea because she suffers from endometriosis and she's actually had a miscarriage during a show she did a while back she said i'm twenty three and i'm going to freeze my eggs and when i tell people that they're like you're twenty twentythree why do you need that why didn't you freeze your eggs during an ovarian reserve doing an ovarian reserve is important to me because i'm fortunate enough to have that as an option but i need to be aggressive about protecting my fertility about protecting myself i'm kensington palace has announced the prince's name baby parents prince william indicate have named their third child arthur i'm sorry louis arthur charles v royal in line to the throne british betting house to wagers for weeks and james was the top choice on all their wagers a year europe celebrations for the british royal family next month prince harry mary's meghan markle later this year prince charles celebrates his seventy s and the queen's birthday gala will be this summer despite her actual birthday being last weekend more to check out online today you can see halsey on the doctor's talking all about you know freezing your eggs and dmitriev also konya posted a bunch of taxed between he and john legend and chrissy teigen was not.

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