Reporters Admit to Consulting Kerry State Dept. Official Before Publishing Trump Dossier Articles


January tenth twenty seventeen ten days before the inaugural tapper and cnn ran with the breaking news that obama and trump were briefed on the memo's compiled by a former british intelligence operative tapper cited quote us officials which direct knowledge of the briefings in even described the two page synopsis given to obama and trump we now know that the guy who leaked to cnn was clapper who's the director of national intelligence that is a felony so when clapper did that he won committed felonies when he released that to cnn which was classified information and to clapper test defied under oath to the congress he did not do so so james clapper working for cnn is a walking felon andrew mccabe number two deputy at the fbi lied three times under oath and three times not under oath to the fbi so those are all felonies lisa page and peter stroke contained an issue texts back and forth to each other talking about insurance policies and how to bring down the trump administration that is a bloodless coup conducted by peter stroke and lisa page in and eat mccain's office and the person investigating all of this mr insurance policy himself is robert muller who hired all these individuals or work for him at some point why would rod rosenstein appoint someone so conflicted to be the chief prosecutor of all these related and unrelated claims to russia it's because they wanted to keep the lid on and one of the most clear examples of perjury is when clapper lied to the congress on the surveillance program under oath lied he said at no point was here were of any circumstances were there was intelligence picked up from every american citizen this he was asked whether the surveillance program picks up virtually all american telephone calls inside and outside the country said no that turn out to be a bald face unmitigated lie so we're dealing with liars and leakers and walking felons complaining about trump and then last night michelle wolf again working on behalf of the mainstream media the white house correspondents go after every republican she can find hard including the appearance of the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders sanders and conway and a vodka trump and moore and accused mike pence most vile sexual matters and so here we are sitting here sunday night acting as if mr insurance policy has credibility and many republicans clowns and.

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