Military Academy Under Attack in Afghanistan, 9 Dead


Bbc's karyn regal has more from the scene this is a very residential streets are typical inside route one twenty eighth street with single and two family homes lining it witnesses here tell me if this was earlier or during the week you'd have a lot of kids out in the street a lot of people heading to work a lot of people trying to get out the silver suv witnesses say came down the street too fast the middlesex da says the juvenile was arrested when he eventually crashed into a bank a double suicide bombing in afghanistan kills twenty five people and injured fortyfive others cbs's vicki barker is at the foreign desk this was the scene shortly after the twin suicide attacks the i bomber drove a motorcycle at the headquarters of the afghan intelligence service located in kabul's embassy quarter when a crowd of journalists rushed to the scene a second attacker on foot detonated his bomb in the middle of them deliberately targeting the journalists and afp photographer and a cameraman for a local tv station are among the dead isis claiming responsibility cbs news and this just in this morning a suicide car bomber targeting a nato convoy has killed eleven children at a religious school in the southern canada heart province five nato soldiers and two policemen were also injured leaving sudbury regional high school students are walking out of class this morning protesting the alleged inadequate handling of a student's sexual assault report demonstration comes after a fifteen year old female student filed a federal lawsuit alleging the schools leaders failed to fully investigate her assault report and then ostracized her while failing to punish the two boys suspected in the attack students will spend fifteen minutes and silent demonstration on the school fields bleachers where the alleged attack occurred in twenty thirteen dr ronnie jackson will not return as president trump's personal physician after abandoning his nomination to be the secretary of veterans affairs navy officer sean connolly took over as the president's dr last month and will reportedly continue in that role white house officials dr jack jason has returned to the white house medical unit but no longer as the physician to the president still to come this morning celtics and bruins both would second round playoff games tonight and the red sox back at it as well pretty good for late april more coming up in sports bbc news time sonitpur traffic and weather together on this monday morning the subaru retailers of doing that all wheel drive traffic on the threes get busy out there let's check in.

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