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Second season of sneaky pete we're joe plays frank hooper a psychopathic killer for hire who also happens to be a brilliant sleuth we'll ask joel how he came to join the cast of sneaky pete just segment i joseph lau taylor tv confidential thank quite a bit he co creator of sneaky pete is david sure the man who gave us house the executive producers of the show or graham ghost michael dinner and fred golan you work with all for these guys before either on house or justified the debt play any role in your being cast as frank on sneaky pete i done election in the end the intro two thousand ten two thousand eleven the second season of justified i met with graham llosa michael dinner and fred and they ended up casting me in in the second season and i can't remember exactly if i think i did ten or eleven episodes of season two justified and you know we all hear that pretty well and then i got a call last year i guess i was up in vancouver shooting a film and they called him off meet the last episode of the first season of sneaky pete so i flew to new york and shot that and you know as you know the last season ended with me and desmond harrington kidnapping giovanni and saying you know take us to your mother and the eleven million dollars and so we got picked up by new it'd be pretty heavy and season to giovanni bead giovanni ribisi the star sneaky pete when you started production of the second season did they give you the entire story arc for your character did they tell it to you in broad strokes how did that work do you have any leeway in the direction of the frank goes it not really not much leeway i mean i think giovanni and you know the series regulars probably have a little more leeway as far as that goes they pretty much i i can't remember i had a conversation with graham about what the basic idea frank was.

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