Hiker falls to death from Yosemite's Half Dome trail, park officials say


At the bay area's news station kcbs partly sunny inland today with low clouds most of the day at the coast and around the bay good morning i'm larry sharoni here's what's happening as just heard on the cbs hourly news more on that fatality and you semi a hiker falling to his death from yosemite is half dome park ranger jamie richard says it happened at about four thirty monday afternoon the man and a companion were scaling the steepest part of the trail where cables are located to help hikers get to the top there was a party of two hiking on the half dome cables and one of those two people slipped and fell off of the half dome cables the party that remained on the cables was able to continue down park rangers were able to get up to the trail make contact and safely help the party that remained on the cables get to safety rangers were not able to start a search for the missing hiker until yesterday morning richards says the was there was a thunderstorm at the time of the accident and officials will look into whether that contributed to the fall park rangers say it's the first fatality on the cable since twenty ten a group of oakland highschoolers got a chance to talk openly about school shootings kcbs has megan goals be was there yesterday symphony stevens was very particular when picking out the outfit.

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