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And then start are are real series against chinese taipei on thursday so we got fifteen big ballgames five against chinese taipei five against japan and then five in cuba or else sided about it we we'll we'll we'll do our training over in the raleigh north carolina area in a in a town called cary north carolina and we'll play our entire series against chinese taipei there and then the series with japan we kind of go all over the place to the games are in north carolina in charlotte and durham then we go to georgia for a couple and one in charleston south carolina before fly down to havana play a five game series against cuban national team coach when you're handling all star team like that i've outside of wanting those guys enjoy the experience best players in the country but most importantly they get to represent our country and where the red white and blue and i wanted to make sure that they were all on board with that and very proud to represent our country but we want to win the game you know what the united states of america baseball program usa baseball is the number one ranked program in the world numbertwo is japan and number three is too but so the series that we have this summer will go a long way in keeping us with the number one ranking in the world and it also helps them gain points i'm not sure exactly how the whole formula works but the olympics or adding baseball back in twenty twenty and how we doing these series against each teams but help our our country's king qualified in an olympic year so you know we want to we want the kids to have the experience of their lights they're going to be traveling around wearing the red white and blue playing with great play players playing against great teams other countries and i i want it to be an awesome awesome experience but all pretty much coach i have to ask you about the college world series three of the four teams being sec teams does that validate the sec the league any just with you know how they've been able to compete so far in the world series it's been pretty amazing when you think about it but we we've long talked about how the sec is the best conference in the country in baseball and i don't know anymore validation is needed each passing year you know last year the the finals included two scc teams florida and lsu of course we came up short this year you could potentially have an arkansas mississippi state finals not not only to sec schools but to sec western division schools it just it just goes to show you the caliber baseball played in our conference in year in and year out and you know i mean i wish it was us playing there instead of those other three schools and hopefully next year will be will be one of the schools there but it's just amazing the caliber baseball that you see it day in day out with with the sec lsu and team usa coach pulmonary here on sports talk coach i maybe use a word i think you you used here recently fortunate in terms of the draft you guys were able to get a few guys come back ultimately the.

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