Supreme Court lets states force online retailers to collect sales tax


Provider in your area on twentyfive there's been a bit of a drop on wall street in the last few minutes let's get the very latest live from bloomberg and a lisa peretti that's right jim the dow is now sinking two hundred six points are almost one percent and we're back to twenty four thousand four forty seven the nasdaq losses also accelerating here down almost one percent or sixty five points snp still lower by eighteen points or two thirds of a percent the bloomberg wbz 'em chicago index down one percent a ruling by the supreme court today is not helping wall street the high court says states and local governments can start collecting billions of dollars in sales taxes from online retailers the court overturned in nineteen ninetytwo ruling that had made much of the internet a tax free zone putting those etailers at an advantage over the brick and mortar retailers so amazon overstock and oetzi all of those companies heading sharply lower the unemployment office is still partying like it's nineteen seventythree the labor department's measure of new jobless claims finds two hundred eighteen thousand americans lined up for first time jobless benefits last week that was down three thousand from the previous week and the experts were expecting an increase the boss of intel is being replaced the surprise announcement follows an investigation into a pass consensual relationship now former ceo brian chrysanthemums had with an intel employees intel's chief financial officer bob swan has been named interim ceo until a permanent replacement is found intel.

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