'I went way too far': Peter Fonda regrets Barron Trump tweet


Today when's news time nine forty eight president trump has signed an executive order to stop separating children from their parents when they are trying to cross into the us illegally andy field reports the president at a rally in minnesota last night told the crowd he still wants strong border slows and trump echoed his make mexico pay for the wall promised by saying he'll make that nation pay for illegal immigration to mexico doesn't stop the people well we're not going to put up with it and i'm gonna make it a part of nafta that they have to the house today votes on immigration and sarah hughes has that part of the story house speaker paul ryan teed up votes today on to broad republican backed immigration measures homeland security secretary kirstin nielsen visited the hill late wednesday to whip votes tomorrow does the president's executive order take away the urgency oklahoma republican mark twain mullet shoot essentially said look we were the president is trying to give congress a little bit of wigan wigs wiggle room on this but we do need congress act it's unclear either measure has the votes to pass laguardia airport last night one hundred protests showed up to greet miners they believed had been separated from their parents and who were supposed to arrive on a flight a terminal be mayor de blasio today visits a migraine children's facility in texas the first lady's spokeswoman is responding to peter fonda tweet calling it sick and irresponsible weighing in on the immigration debate fonda suggested twelve year old barron trump be ripped from his mother's arms put in a cage with pedophile he later deleted the tweets and he apologized saying he was responding to the devastating images he was seeing on tv but he says he went too far the first lady's spokeswoman said the secret service was notified and donald trump junior is calling on sony to stop the release of boundaries a movie in which the seventy eight year old former easy rider actor has a small role you might want to stay awake on your next flight john aaron reports the fbi is warning about a trend of sex abuse in the skies it's increased at an alarming rate fbi special agent david rob ski says most cases involve some kind of unwanted touching often when a victims asleep it's typically long haul flights more than three hours in duration typically at night he says to immediately report anything unusual to the flight crew law enforcement will be greeting that aircraft upon its arrival fbi investigations into mid air sexual assault increased by sixty six percent from two thousand fourteen to twenty seventeen mta chairman joe lhota says mta boss richard renaldo is a racist for dressing up in.

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