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No i don't sound of what's going on in our in our system alan you got to comment macho rules i would change is i'd let him run it out of the end zone for the kickoff i would much you're running out of the end zone on a kickoff because i see so many times where you have a really good kicker coach is talking about and the kick returners just take it out of the game because in high school football in our state if the ball is kicked in the end zone the ball is dead it comes out to twenty yard line there's thing i'd like to see is i'd like to see the overtime rule look a little bit more like college i'm not saying go all the way back to the twenty five yard line but i think it needs to backup from the ten maybe fifteen or the twenty yeah i like that outlaw in lieu don't get me wrong i'm a big obviously you saw us play bunch of times we return a lot of kickoffs for touchdowns we work hard on it so i mean i'm saying that only because i guess the way to show started today with the concussion stodgy sooner or later we're going to have to give a visual sign the people who are concerned about what we're doing we're gonna have to give them a visual sign and maybe that's the i don't want to say the least important it would be the most obvious sign that we're doing something about it but i do agree i'd love to be able to turn kickoffs outta end zones you know and then and then also i think you're right with the overtime rule you know the overtime rule for us especially with the development of kickers that that's some schools have we last year we're very fortunate we had a great partner in an and a great kicker and both of those guys graduated so we're kind of starting over a little bit in that respect but yeah maybe back it up to the twenty and and let it go from there especially with the way teams throwing the ball now allo adele here on sports talk co host the allstatesugarbowl preferable round up nick salter maggio state champion football coach now at harvey'll high school and we'll step away come back i want to talk about the river parishes when we come back sports talk.

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