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Coco was a guerilla who became pretty fluent in sign language they say she knew two thousand words she was able to keep up in conversations and she was kind of like the face of guerrillas and so this guerrillas showed humans that these animals could communicate and that they were highly emotional and this was a really big deal and still is to help people understand other members of the animal kingdom and how they should be treated and should they be in zoos and should we be killing them because you can see you know how a motive they are so cocoa kitten because at the time i if i remember it right people thought don't give this guerilla judicial rip that kitten decides in the decided to give her the kitten any way correct yeah coco was given a pet kitten and she loves this kitten if you google it you'll see some really speed images of this giant gorilla cradling a teeny tiny little kitten and the kitten ended up actually getting hit by a car and dying and coco is very upset and was doing sign language and you know saying sad and love and i missed the kitten so a lot of kittens throughout her life that was one of her favorite things they say she also loved to be read to and when she liked certain parts of the book she would kind of make like a purring sound there's a really sweet video i never see before that i watched today of cocoa with robin williams were they spent an afternoon together and it's really really sweet so noticing that she did in regards to the kitten which shows some advanced thought is one day coco was frustrated and she pulled the sink out of her shelter and

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