Weekday Morning Sports Report – Wednesday 6/27/18



Installed every three quarters of a mile at motor snow the lane is open to traffic or close by displaying either a red x or a green arrow police say the body of an employee at suntrust park in atlanta was found inside a beer cooler tuesday the park is the home of the atlanta braves which hosted the cincinnati reds later in the day the employees work for third party contractor and the death is under investigation and jerry seinfeld says roseanne barr shouldn't have been fired from her tv show and that was on somebody and they're retired career with one button jerry seinfeld pretty surprised by how the whole roseanne barr twitter controversy went down telling entertainment tonight i didn't see why it was necessary to fire her why would you murder someone who's committing suicide but that's done so his for the spin off the connors get another roseanne they've brought contract was dead right so well why can't we get another roseanne there's other funny women that could do that aren't you need to get the comic and i hate to see a comic lose a job his show comedians in cars getting coffee debuts on netflix with the new season next week jason nathanson abc news hollywood radio.

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