Trump administration to use review panel to curb China tech investments


And more the selection is ridiculous or your money on wgn the trump administration is shifting away from previously announced plan to impose limits on chinese investment in america technology companies and high tech exports to china instead the president is calling on congress to enhance an existing review process senior officials disclosing the plans this morning they say they've been working with congress to pass a bill that will provide enhancements to the foreign investment review under the committee on foreign investment in the united states this is good news for investors pairing gains in futures market this morning the dow had been off more than one hundred and fifty points in futures trading and now is off just about seven points after this announcement this morning markets in europe also recovering a little bit markets generally mixed in asia and now wgn traffic with gender salva steve it's wet and slick out there so use some caution because there's a lot of accidents on arterial roadways including bartlett lake at naperville over in palatine eastbound lake cook at highway twelve and an edge broke tavon in milwaukee also when engaged park fortyninth in south western that one is involving a pedestrian the edens each way between lake cook and the junction a twenty minute drive the kennedy o'hare into downtown thirty eight twenty two in from montrose fifteen if you take those express lanes the outbound side just thirty six minutes to the airport this morning and bow nyc three ninety two the circle forty seven minutes thirty to win from wolf the outbound side can take you forty six minutes to get to thorndale stevenson inbound three fifty.

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