Ron Perlman Says He Peed On His Hand Before Handshake With Harvey Weinstein


That was the thought everybody who go to your movies everybody to buy your music yes and that really was also tv back in the day but now things are a lot different especially with late night tv yes so is trump is doing this rally last night and goes after jimmy fallon yes what is your reaction to that this this is what he does india doesn't let anything go no box is unchecked i think he feels like there's enough of america that agrees with him and sides with him that he can go ahead and throw that stuff out there i mean he needs his his voting block yes but does it jimmy fallon have to expand you only have a certain amount of people that may tune in the late too late to go backwards on that stuff i mean if you stuck your neck out there so far that you can't bring it back i mean you're jimmy fallon quite yes i mean it's done now it's done but as far as staking out a position you know where coal bear is politically you know where kimmel is likely this gets back to a conversation i had this weekend if i know where they are then it's up to me choose whether to watch him or not when they pretend to be otherwise that's when it troubles me cnn if cnn would just come out and go look we're not a fan of the president where liberal leaning organization this is the way we're going to present the news do that rather than scold me and tell me that we we have no position we're journalists i think we're point past the point of believing i mean ron perlman is advocating peeing in the president's kentucky fried chicken today saw that ron perlman peeing on his own hands to shake hands with democrats yeah what is going on if you missed that he tweeted something about how every time he saw harvey weinstein and weinstein would say you have to be shaking my hand in a photo right hey said so i went to the bathroom and i peed on my own hands like well if you knew what weinstein was up to then why did you call the dang cops man i mean rather than peeing on your hand and advocating that the folks that kentucky fried chicken wiz in the president's buckets does a certain amount of delusion thinking that president trump literally will walk into a kfc i'd like the family bucket please has people who do they yes chris christie to do the kfc yeah he's not going to do it himself that was the whole campaign joke i want to go to mcdonagh where i know that i'm getting some consistency and it's not gonna be him that shows up to get it this is where you don't want to shake hands with a liberal you just don't you never know where the hands of here's a little clip of trump last night talking about jimmy fallon jimmy fallon jimmy the guy screws up my hair going back and forth he was so disappointed to find out it was really good well that's one of the great things i got everybody used to say my hair's phonies my unit i'm wearing a happy anybody here wearing but the one thing they never say that anymore because i've been gordon rainstorms i've been gordon wins that alive sixty miles an hour getting on events not your hand don't run for office don't run for office because the gig would be so jimmy fallon apologized he apologized for humanizer we can you guys because now he's gonna lose all of us and he goes on basically to say jimmy fallon be a man just stand up to people what is the big deal having me on the show my ratings were big you called me you congratulated me but then fallon responded again i probably wouldn't do it like that but this is two years ago we've always wanted to touch trump's hair everybody wanted people wanted to know what is his hair real page i go on and get in there and i'll i'll tell you we've asked him for us he's a reality star in diseased on our show ten times and we always ask me like thanks hair bark at me a different sunday that and so i i messed up and clue it's definitely a real komo very it is unbelievable when beating egg whites so is that the best way to handle it you're jimmy fallon longterm just use got also you david i think you should have just said look and he did earlier in.

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